Sunday, August 29, 2004

Day #2

She has completely settled in, and we have an understanding. She demands food, cuddles, and play, and I am to supply them in spades.

One would think this is perfect and not a problem at all... but she is more demanding than any person I have ever met. I have a squirt gun and boy have I been using it.

I was up at seven this morning simply because everytime I moved my feet under the covers she attacked them. On top of that, she walked all over me mewing when she wanted to play. I had to squirt her to get her to leave my feet alone- so much so my bed was wet at the bottom. I had to squirt her to get her off the headboard. She even bit my knee once and I accidentally hit her. I apologized, and then resolved to sleep with the squirt gun so it didn't happen again. This resulted in it leaking where I was sleeping because it was a cheapy. Needless to say it was a rough night. But she was just fine and ready to play when I got up.

After two hours of dragging around kitty toys and throwing balls for her to fetch (yes she does this, and I find it a bit odd, but mostly amusing) I wanted some breakfast. Only there is no such thing as a meal in peace with her. I think it might be because she may have had to fight for food in the past. But seriously, I couldn't have my bowl of miso soup without shutting her out of my room. She fought and fought hard- never gave up. This repeated itself at lunch and dinner. She actually did manage to get my water once. I thought she had gotten her head stuck in the glass the way she was all the way down in it. Funny thing is, I checked her bowls and there was fresh food and water in it. I guess it is better if it comes from my plate...

I still am having trouble watching anime or spending long amounts of time on the computer. She comes and lays on the keyboard and sits infront of the screen and mews. This goes also for reading- I tried to do some homework and she sat on my book. Despite meeting resounding no's in the other areas, she won this time... I was so tired I fell asleep while reading, and woke up with her curled up in my arms three hours later.

She is a ham. I have never seen a cat who loves to be touched as much as she does. Despite the difficulties that arise from it, I hope she doesn't grow out of it. I love how she is perfectly content to sit on my head when there is no other way to keep in contact with me. I love how she screams for me when she doesn't know where I am, and I love how she curls up right beside me with her little eyes shut and using my hand or arm as a pillow.

Mom just laughed at me when I explained last night to her. She told me paybacks are hell. Apparently I was a fussy baby. I told her that she knows she loved every minute of it.

As for news other than the kitty... none. She has effectively controlled every aspect of my day for the past two and a half days. Tomorrow and Tuesday are going to come as a shock to her. She goes to the groomers tomorrow, and I go to school Tuesday. I worry about it a little. But I think that just means she will be stuck extra tight to me on Wednesday.

No one has come to see her either.. I kinda wish they would, just so she would become accustomed to changes in the enviornment. Traveling to Ft. Worth is going to be one huge shock to her, not to mention Winston. A few smaller ones before might help her learn how to adjust.

On a side note- who the hell thought beer being bottled on the same day would be a good selling point? Isn't the whole point of good alcohol to have something nicely aged? The raw stuff is called moonshine, and thats known for not being pretty- but it getting the job done. A hundred years ago the bartender would have been shot for serving that as "quality" beer.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

The Kyuubi Tail

First off let me say this: I am in love.

This precious kitty has my whole heart- and appartment- at her disposal. Though right now she is giving me flat ears because I am not paying attention to her.

I flat out decided Thursday night that I wanted a kitten. I woke up Friday itching to pick one out. I had my heart set on an orange tabby kitten I had seen at PetsMart. However, PetsMart only gave coupons. So I looked up some other animal shelters I had heard of via friends, and found the closest one- Town Lake. I looked through their kittens online, and thought one named Goober might just fit.

At noon I launched, and got lost. I could not figure out how to get there- even though I had gotten directions from Yahoo. It took an hour, in which my mom called me and asked me what I had gotten twice. Found it (less than 2 miles from my apt) around 1 and looked around. Goober was a bit older than what I thought. But they had one they called Madeline. She stuck her paw out at me when she saw me, and I played with her through the cage while waiting for the desk to be less crowded.

I filled out the application- and thanks to Jinny was able to provide the number of my landloard so they could confirm that I was permited to have a pet. But they weren't there so I had to wait. In the meantime, I got Madeline out of her cage and into a play area. She was a bit scared of me standing up, but very playful. I had a leash string and a paperwad, and we were at it for two hours straight. By the end of it she was climbing all over me and running under my legs when the dogs barked next door. She was my kitty.

But I couldn't take her until they said I could have a pet. SO I drove to PetsMart and got her stuff- a bed, food, toilet training kit and a temporary litterbox just in case, treats, a leash, harness, collar, and a whole bundle of toys. I brought them back to the apartment and spread her stuff out a bit for her. Filled the food and water dishes, put out the toys and the bed where she could see them, and the toilet training kit/litterbox. I then paid the deposit for pets, and brought the receipt up there with a note, and they let me put her in her new carrier and take her home. After getting her paperwork and renaming her Kyuubi.

She then proceeded to hide under the couch. That was the extent of our relationship. All play memories gone, she wanted the couch. But she poked around when she thought I wasn't looking, and explored her new digs. She ate a bit, drank a bit, and played with her toys- under the couch. Eventually she got to where she would come out if I wasn't there, and then run back when I was. And late last night she began poking her head back out and watching me, after she had secured her position.

I have been patient with her, and given her some treats. I tried showing her the box, but she wasn't happy with that. I was a little concerned for the carpet. Then I discovered that if I sat down, she would approach and cuddle. She just doesn't like height. This bodes ill for Marcus the Giant.

I made an attempt to confine her to the bathroom for the night, and found out just how quickly she can run out a door if she wants to. That having failed, I shut the door to my bedroom with a final word of "night night, please be good." And she was. I am surprised. I woke up this morning to find nothing broken, and no wetspots. She used the litterbox. She also had gotten over the shyness. She has stuck to me like glue all today.

She mews if I leave her alone too long, and she demands attention. We took a nap together this afternoon after I quit Sonic, and she copied my movements exactly. Every stretch, every placement and replacement of limb. I made a game of it.

She is smart too. She has started to recognize her new name, and come when I call her. She jumps down from the countertops and table every time I walk into the room. She is even starting to learn "kiss" like Winston. Just a light nose tap to the face when I say it.

Things are going well. I have picked up a watergun just in case though- for training on where to scratch. Its what the book says to do. But I dont think I will need it.

Friday, August 27, 2004


thats how I am, thus this will be short.

I can't believe I missed another entry. It was for the first day of classes too. They turned out well, and I talked to prof Ross and got into his class- as soon as I tell Mrs. Crawford about it.

Today I spent getting Kyuubi. Kyuu is precious, short hair tabby female 8 weeks. She is crazy active and playful. I spent most of the day at the shelter playing with her and filling out paperwork, and then the rest of the time shopping for her. These past few hours have been aclimating her to her new enviornment.

I will post more tomorrow when I am able to hold open my eyes. I am going to sleep in the tub now.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

A New Housemate?

So... I went shopping today.

I spent a lot.

I bought flowers for the flower arrangment, fruit for a fruit bowl display on the kitchen table, a corkscrew/bottle opener, kitchen timer, and various food stuffs along with some drain cleaner. I decided I could do without oven cleaner. I also bought seed beeds for beadwork.

But I am going to end up spending a lot more.

The reason: I stopped in PetsMart just to look. And they had kittens. Brand new baby kittens who were playing and all sweet and tiny. I want one. I want to raise one and have it wait for me to get home, and to play with it and watch anime with it and walk with it outside. I want to cuddle with it and sleep with it curled next to my head.

And there is a very likely chance of me getting one. My main obstacle is the pet deposit required by the complex. But if its refundable, no biggie. They are holding an adoption week in a few more weeks, and I am going to do some homework until then, and if everything checks out, I am going to go get me either a cute little short orange or grey haired tabby. I am thinking if I get a boy it will be "Kyuubi," and a girl will be "Ga Nekko."

The vet bills are another thing I am worried about- mom says it was a couple hundred a year for Mr. Black. I will ask them at the store. If they aren't that much, I might get two, just so they can play with each other and keep each other company- but that is a big if. Most likely I will only be able to afford one. Probably one and a fish. I will get another fish tank so they can watch the fishies while I am gone. Also maybe a bird feeder on the porch so they can watch that as well.

Marcus will be dissappointed- he wants me to get a rat. But I just cant see loving a rat that much. Especially when they are not cage broken. A cat uses a litterbox. Maybe even a toilet if I can find the training kit for it.

I am excited. The decision will be made two weekends from now. Thats when the adoption week is- and they hand out a free kitty starter kit. I need those coupons and gifts. But it gives me time to figure out the budget for a cat, find more out about the vet and training. I can go home for a weekend and be with my parents. I have already talked to my mother, and she said we could go garage sale hunting and try to find a kitty tree or a scratching post for it. I am going to drive up in the truck, so it would be easy transport back. Then I have the week to kitten proof the wires and furniture before picking up the little fur ball and bringing her home. I can do that friday afternoon, and have until Tuesday to stay home with her while she adjusts.

Its a huge commitment, but I think it would be very nice to have someone at home waiting for me and needing me.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Update for the Day

Well, I set out to do most of what I wanted to do today... kinda.

I got the lease renewed, I asked for screens, finally. They are supposed to clean the carpet at some time. I did some laundry, I cooked dinner, I called prof Ross to no avail.

Tomorrow I will see about the store- I need more veggies anyway. I will also be more insistent on Professor Ross, and get more laundry done. I have yet to figure out a way to wash my bras to where they don't get tangled beyond belief. I will work on it some more tomorrow.

In keeping with my new resolutions, I am writing now, then for the soak and bed. I might try to finish my kitchen painting tomorrow as well as go shopping. I have some money to spend... theoretically. I have never been fond of spending though. I like getting... but not as much as I hate spending.

Friday will be my first day at the gym. I then have a long weekend in which I can work on Saturday and then do... whatever.. on Sunday.

Also, I decided I was going home on labor day. I called mom and told her. They sound like they want me to drive the truck back up there. Well, sound like hell... they asked. But I would prefer the train, and then the z car around town.

In other news- Jojo is back from Houston, Elisa will be back on Thursday. Gabby had her surgery in Oklahoma and is doing fine.. as well as can be expected from a dog that does not learn that she is too short to jump down from the couch. Mom and Dad still have not started demolishion on the bathroom. They are waiting for me to come home so I can help. Of course. But it actually sounds a bit fun.

Mid Day Shower Decisions

So... yeah.. just as it sounds-

I took a shower around noon and came to some really neat conclusions/decisions.

Basically, there is a new revolution in the renovation plan.

I am installing an 11:30 bed time for myself.

I will wake up at 7 am EVERY day- despite only having classes three times a week. On Mondays and Wednesdays when there are no classes, I will get up and go to Gregory Gym for an hour.

I will pick out my clothes the night before, and take quick showers in the mornings to help wake up. Long baths and hair care are reserved for evenings.

Mondays I am going biking with Marcus- once he gets his bike anyway.

I am going to get a timer so I stop playing computer and video games with no concept of time.

Also, I am going home for labor day. *nods enthusiastically* I will quit Sonic before then, and then have Friday afternoon through Monday to be home with the family and maybe even see Carrie, Sarrah and Jessica if they aren't too busy.

Okay, I have to go now cause I am supposed to be productive today. I am going to renew the contract for the lease, and do some more shopping.


So I have a new job- tutor/mentor/administrative assitant at Dobie Middle School. It doesn't start for a week though, and depending on how long it takes to do the paperwork, maybe a bit longer. But I have been hired.

It will be interesting. The age group, the kids, and the programs. Basic available times to work at 12 - 8. From 12 -3 will be office work. Beginning at three afterschool programs start, and go until six. They aren't completely academic; although there are tutoring sessions for regular coursework, there are also "enrichment activities" that we will be teaching/leading such as sports fishing, street basketball, self defense, creative writing, playwriting, art, theater, and touch football, rocketry, and babysitting. After six are adult programs until 8 pm which include English classes and GED stuff, as well as family improvement things that teach parents and kids how to get along better and even manage the household budget better. Kinda weird, but cool. There is also a community service project on Saturdays, which is making a city park.

In any case, it sounds fun and it shall be so- I demand it. I can work up to 19.5 hours per week as non work study. Seeing as I have only 3 days, and am not really interested in the adult classes, it works out just fine. I thought about keeping Sonic on the side, but it seems like a bit more trouble than the extra $50 a week is worth.

For the rest of the day:
Woke up early, around 8:30, and waited for Marcus to get up- which he didn't do until well after 11. I watched anime and cleaned.

Took him home, and then took Jinny her food. I actually managed the 30 minute time limit for free parking in the garage. We went shopping afterwards at SuperTarget on 35. There were some awsome deals and she bought a lot more than planned- as did I. But I dont regret it so much.

The Sonic gift card is turning out to be a bit of a problem. Tried to use it for gas, and it wouldnt go. Its been denied elsewhere before as well. Its just not that great if I cant use it somewhere other than Sonic. But I will persevere.

*yawn* nothing much else for this day. I am exhausted.

Monday, August 23, 2004

I Promise I will Do Better

I was good for a while, and lately not so much.

I blame the restlessness of the week. Its kinda the last hurrah of freedom before fall sets in, and I really didn't get enough break.

Work was great on Saturday. I got out of there with around a hundred dollars, thanks to the promotional game "Red Handed" they are doing. Basically, if we do everything right when a spy person orders, we all get white envelope gifts- and mine was $50 on an american express card-type thing. Plus there was a new girl, and one other hispanic girl on fountain. None of the witches, and all was nice.

I was itchy afterwards though. I took a shower but couldnt calm down, so I asked Billy, who was also bored beyond belief he claimed, to go see Bourne Supremacy with me. It took a while, but we worked it out. Ten minutes late to the movie, but it was okay. Prolly just more chase scene and recap. The movie itself was great- even though they used 2 second filming, and the chases were a little long. Unfortunately, Billy describes Matt Damon as a "tool" and had not seen the first one- which I didn't confirm until the end of the movie.

I was ready to go do something else afterwards, but he took me home. It was prolly for the best, seeing as we both had to work today. But still, it was rough getting to sleep.

Today was good as well. Got up, did the anime thing and searched desperately for breakfast foods. I dread tomorrows search. Nothing seems interesting at the moment. Anyway, went in on time, and met another manager I had never seen before. He seems awsome. Worked in San Marcos with Steve also, but is much more controlled and authoritative without being a jerk.

However Anthony was there all day, and Lennore for half of it. They are not my favorite. Lennore I can handle. Anthony... not so much. He backed off a little when he saw the glasses. Or so I thought. He said he likes glasses better, and I look better with them. I doubt it, but it kinda signaled he wasn't letting me off. I mentioned I probably would be leaving soon, and he said he wanted to do the same. Something about a two year programming associates degree thing. I got stuck on break with him and he saught me out wherever I hid.

OH, one interesting thing. New manager seems like he is going to make things a bit better. He doesn't approve of Olivia's attitude of anything goes, and he just found out about Tim double scanning credit cards. Which is a crime. Punishable by jail. Especially since he is already on parole. And Letrice didn't clock out when she left. She tried to come back up around four hours later and do it without anyone noticing. She is in trouble. Which is good in my book- she needs to be taken down a notch.

After work I was supposed to hang out with Stephanie, but I could never get her on the phone. SO I called Jinny instead and we were going to go for dinner when Marcus called. We all three tried for Ichiban, but it was closed, so they said Bennihannas. Which is hibatchi. Which takes forever. And she had to be back on campus at 8 for a club meeting.

I ended up having to leave Marcus in the middle of the meal to drive her back. He paid for everything. We owe him LOTS of money- and it wasn't even that great. The man made lots of unneccesary movements, and covered for his lack of skill with amusing jokes and food shapes. It annoyed me, but Marcus, who had never been to anything like it before, loved it. I held my tounge. It wasn't even enough to fill Marcus though, and we ended up going to Sonic afterwards so he could get a burger deal.

Which lead me to another discovery- Steve took away the employee discount because he felt it was being abused. People were getting things for their families in the range of 40$ worth of food... I dont think he can really do that.. but I am not sure what to do about it. I dont like having to pay full price.

In the end, we ate, and then my parents called and we talked to them for a bit. Discussed bikes. Marcus is going to buy a bike and we are going to go riding on Monday mornings for exercise. Which is a bit weird since my parents bought a bike for my mom today so my dad and her could do the same thing.

We went back to his place, played with the rats, watched cartoons, and he showed me some of his new toys from home. He now has an N-64. And furniture. But it needs to be put together. Anyway, he ended up coming back here to watch Kyou Kara Maou. Its so late, he is sleeping on the air matress tonight, and I will drive him back tomorrow morning

. I like having company, its nice.

Saturday, August 21, 2004


So I have been getting lazy and skipped yesterday.

It was fairly uneventful- other than we went to see Spiderman 2. They went to Marble Slab Creamery for the first time, and I abstained from icecream, instead going for soup and pot stickers bought at the local grocery store. I snuck the stuff inside the theater with my huge purse. A whole bottle of peach cider too. Both the munchies and the movie were good. Of course, they left it open for another sequal.

I played lots of Tetris and Mario and Paperboy afterwards, and then Civ III until around 4 am this morning. I woke up to find Jojo and company already packing. Which was nice. My living room almost back to normal, instead of the giant piles of foreign clothes and suitcases everywhere. Not that I didn't enjoy their stay- it was nice. But it was also time. As Mr. Franklin said- fish and visitors begin to stink after three days.

So we said our goodbyes and I cleaned up a bit after they left. The repair man came and fixed both the garbage disposal and the electrical plug. I also took care of finding out about my voters registration. Sad news, I can't vote absentee. Meaning I will be the only republican in Travis County and my vote will have as much influence in the turn out as that random snowball does on the temperature of hell. But I will vote none the less.

Oh, I also did a job search, applied for a clerical position at a small doctors office, and then also have an interview for tutoring at a highschool again. Same program as last time, but no bilingual education this time. Makes it easier. Hopefully they have all the bugs worked out. Its $10 an hour, which is nice. And then on top of that, I get all the holidays and weekends off. The problem of too much time is partly solved by the ownership of a vehicle. No more three hour transit time. Also no work study. I was surprised by that, but they didn't give it to me this year. I suppose I can't expect it when I didn't use it before. That is the only hitch to the whole tutoring thing- the one item that might keep me from being hired.

Which is okay. I have time to look. I still have the Sonic gig. I am going to keep that until I am well sure that the new job will work. Two jobs at once- but just for a little bit. Just until I can make the jump without fear of- as dad put it- cutting off my nose to spite my face. He said it was a popular saying- I have difficulty believing that.

Um...what else? Oh I passeed my exam. I wasn't too sure even though I told everyone I was, but I did. And with an A. So I got to accept three hours worth of As for the class to my gpa. It was a nice boost. Plus I get to keep the class with Jinny.

Now all thats left is to talk to professor Ross about my taking his arc 350R class. I figured I would wait outside his office on Wednesday with a good book- seeing as I have no classes. I really just can't imagine not talking to him face to face after waiting the whole summer. But I did try before class let out last spring. He just never replied. If I can get into it still, I will be satisfied.

But what would make everything absolutely perfect, would be to get in, be able to drop psycology and replace it with my morning Survey II class so I didn't have a huge hole in the schedule. Just have class from 11 - 5 pm every Tuesday and Thursday straight through. But I dare not ask for too much. A good paying fairly easy job where I wont have to ask for holidays off with regular hours and some authority in a good enviornment (ie inside with ac and heat and no odd hat/visor), perfect classes, possible four day weekends, and then to have those classes all lined up in a sweet little row? I would be waiting for my lightning bolt all year long cause it would have to be a way of apologizing for what was coming. You know, give her a little fun before she gets blasted out of the water?

Anyway, Monday I check out about the rent and lease renewal before I go to the interview/orientation thing. This weekend is going to be spent at Sonic- which is why I should get to bed now. I've got ten hours and counting.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Study Day

Thats what it was.

I was up at seven and made toast for myself then studied. There was a brief hour where I had some lunch and played a bit of Civ III, then I studied more.

Around four I ate Pluckers for dinner- buffalo chicken salad- that the guys brought back for me. Then I studied more.

Finally, I took the test. It was so annoying. The guy almost kicked me out for talking. Seriously taking the security issue too far with two IDs and checking signatures and the works. But he couldn't tell us shit about the test. Not even how long it was. Literally, the man- excuse me, weasel- said "I will let you know when it ends... I have a timer..." and he couldnt even tell us what the penalty was for guessing wrong answers. Completely useless proctor.

I am sure of 12 of the questions, which is not good. I need at least 16 I think to pass. Thats including assumed penalties. Maybe I will get lucky. We shall see tomorrow.

Afterwards we bumed icecream from Sonic. I say bumed cause a blast and a creamslush cost us a total of .38. I gave the guy a $3 tip tho. Felt guilty, despite hateing the place. I didn't have a problem with the guy who came out... its just the place in general. But cheap sweets is cheap sweets.

Watched anime the rest of the evening and talked. Sarah imed but I missed her. Community computer that this is for the week and all. I miss it being only mine. Its weird to realize I am not signed in 3/4ths of the time.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Not As Planned Part II

Well, I lack dicipline. I didn't study very much at all- with the result that I am going to be very unprepared for tomorrow's exam. But I will study tomorrow. For sure.

I am kinda getting annoyed by the lack of cleanliness of my guests. They dont put things away, they dont pick up after themselves, and they spread out all over the place. Dirty clothes block doorways, and they left the jelly out all morning. But they are still fun to be around. Which might be why I havn't studied so much.

I cooked a roasted turkey with real oven baked sweet potatos and asparagus for dinner. Only I set the kitchen on fire. I neglected to put a catch down for the melted butter, and it burned good. Smoke alarm went off for at least five minutes, and it was half an hour with fans airing out the place. It was an adventure to say the least. Foot high flames out of the oven... I will remember it for a while.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Not As Planned

The first night was great, we woke up pretty early and got ready for the day. Talked until Jojo got back from practice, and then I made breakfast and we talked about what to do for the day.

We went to go pick up some books, then to get a universal remote for my television, and then to the grocery store. We came back, had lunch- stew & Popeye's Chicken- then talked and played video games and chess until Jojo had to leave again. I then made a cheesecake with his sister, and we studied/read for a bit, then watched some anime. He came waltzing in around 9 and joined us. There was a breif break for cheesecake somewhere inbetween.

Now its a little before eleven, most everyone is asleep. I had definately planned to study more. I will have to do it tomorrow. It was a great day, and very fun. But I can't do it again. I have to prepare for my exam.

Oh, and I dont have to work till Saturday. I was supposed to work last Saturday as well, but no one told me. I got off of it because I wasn't told about it. That makes me feel bad. If I had known, I would have gone. But too late now.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

They're Here

And everything is fine.

Actually, they are much better guests than Jinny and XP thus far; they are trying to be minimum trouble, and are making an effort to include me in their activities. Its going to be a good week for sure. We are talking about seeing Bourne Supremacy and maybe Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, as well as out to eat at a nice restraunt. I will have to make an effort to do my studies right.

Jojo's sister came with him. Thats why I say "they" instead of him. She missed him and didn't get much time to spend with him this summer because of the mcats. Thus she came with him here. She is two years younger, and very cute. I like her a lot.

I finished cleaning today before they came, and the place is just about spotless. Except. Except I saw a HUGE bug in my room. It freaked me out, and after some deliberating, I pulled out the raid and sprayed all over. Then I lit some scented candles and tried to cover the scent before they came back from helping a friend pack to move to Georgia State University.

I am still a bit freaked, but I dont have a choice but to go to sleep, and hope the little six legged creep doesn't fly up onto my bed in the middle of the night. I really hate their climbing/flying abilitiies. Scary.

Oh, and the garbage disposal broke. I duno if I am going to complain about all of it or none of it today. I also think I will buy a universal remote for the tv and vcr- so I can play my games this week and we can all be entertained.


I skipped one night. I thought about it, and it just didn't seem all that important, so sorry.

Friday, I decided to play. I called in sick to work, did the dishes in the sink, and then went grocery shopping.

I made more beef stew/roast ish stuff, and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and poppyseed homentashin. Once again, non diet approved. :( I will get back on it this week. Got no choice. Jojo comes tomorrow.

Today I cleaned more, attempted to do the voter registration thing- figure out how I am supposed to vote, absentee or change of adress. But the office isnt open.

I also mapped out my schedule for this fall-it doesn't look that bad, but there are lots of colors. Aka lots of classes. Hopefully I can find and talk to Ross easily and get in the ARC 350R class without too much problem.

I bought the book for the Texas Govt exam- it can be returned for a full refund on Thursday. Hopefully. I just have to get up the ambition to read it now.

I talked with mom and mema this morning. I forgot Mom's birthday. I apologized, and told her happy belated. Its not that I didn't know when it was, I just wasnt aware of the current date at the time.

She told me she saw Joseph today, and he was packing to go back up north. He apparently highlighted his hair blond. And he is no longer getting married. I am glad about that. She gave him my phone number, just in case he didn't have it. I think he told her he didn't, but he does. Its just she is not aware of the circumstances behind everything so.... no one feels the need to tell her. Its just as well.

I dont think he will call, and even if he does, I am not sure how to react. I have somewhat lumped him into past mistakes and lives. He was a good friend, and much needed at the time, but things are different now. I was dissappointed in him when I realized that he could not separate the person from the actions. You can care for a person without condoning their actions- and he knows that now. I hope. But things will never be the same between us. I wish him well.

Tomorrow I plan to vacuum and wash the kitchen and bathroom floors. Also see if I can do something about the grout and shower curtain- they have a weird orange mold or stain on them I am not sure what.. maybe just odd minerals. But it must be gone. I should also clean the mirrors and change the linnens, air out the place. We shall see how far I get. I have half a mind to finish the painting for above the kitchen sink- but I am aware of the need to study for the Texas Govt exam on Weds.

Thursday, August 12, 2004


So I skipped out on the extra work today, and I spent money, and I will go to bed early. Its not a good idea, but its the truth.

I got to class like normal, and then it was decided to forego the spring for the sculpture, and instead cover it in saw dust for added texture. This took considerably less time, although I still ended up staying late.

While I was exiled in the hall with my sawdust, Stephanie came out of the room. She actually hot glued so much the fumes got to her, and she was completely stoned. It was hilarious. I got out of Intro to Jap early- the exam has no short answer or essay, and is relatively short. Yay.

I went back to the art studio and it was great. Allergy girl was there- I will find out her name tomorrow. She helped me paint the saw dust black and we talked for about two hours, then decided to go get dinner and watch the Princess Diaries 2 together. It was nice. We got to the movie early, and played some air hockey. She also told me about a place near her apartment that sells mochi ice at like 6 peices for 5 bucks- which is twice as much as Ichiban sells them for. We might go tomorrow. Oh, and we have to trade anime. She has A LOT- and I have Gokusen.

In any case, study tomorrow, then work. Saturday will be clean up day and grocery day before Jojo arrives. Tomorrow I should also by the govt study book. I almost forgot about that.

Its Not Easy Being an Art Major

I have discovered the truth of this today, when I realized that almost no other major probably requires so many hours to be put in at the school itself.

Sure EE is hell- but its hell in the comfort of your own home. Art however, must be done in the studio. There is no way you can get the space, nor the tools nor the mess home to do a project in comfort. But you still take your work home- because you have to plan and revise and work out the logistics and proportions so you can be more efficient in the studio.

THEN on top of all that, art I believe is the only subject where you can make perfect 100's on every assignment and still not be pleased. You make an A on a written exam, you are happy. You knew the material, you sucseeded. You don't go pouring over your essay pulling out every spelling mistake and stylistic flaw. Art however, you always see your flaws, and things you could have done better. You are never satisfied with it because it will almost never fit the image in your head perfectly.

Having said all that, art is still fun. Its painful, but fun. I stabbed myself numerous times with the etching tool for our prints. But I had fun. I have cut my nails and fingers with exacto knives, bruised my arm while hand modeling, burned my finger tips with a hot glue gun, and still it is fun.

I spent a total of 8 hours in studio today. My finger that is used for pressure on the exacto knife is still numb except for a dull shooting pain from the exacto knife used for our last project. I expect that I am still behind the others, and will be staying much later tomorrow. I am even considering bringing my car... but I dont know where to park.

I will be okay though. I will take some more money out of my tips jar for lunch tomorrow, and I will be ready for the day along with numerous cups of coffee.

I made the interior frame today, with the hollow pyramid, not the solid. It was a good thing. I made it much taller than I thought, and it used up a lot of materials. I feel a little guilty about how much board I am using- especially if this doesnt turn out right. I have never done sculpture before. Just a toothpick General Store in 6th grade.

I also finished all four ball/geod things, and put one shelf on, and made a second. I have two more shelves to make, then I am going to put the ball cups on and the balls. Hopefully everything holds up well.

Then comes the super hard part- trying to make the spring. I can't use the foam board, which is what will best support itself, I think. Its also the heaviest of the materials, and I wanted the top to be able to float high up. Some of the weight will be releived by being attatched to the center and shelves, but its not enough for comfort.

Besides the actual construction method and materials, I am also worried about how to convey the idea that it is being held back, and not just lightly touching the sides which are slanted on their own. The spring/coil is the most important part of the sculpture. It is the reason the center support is about to break and creates the tension which defines the assigned word of "anticipation." If there is no tension or movement to the spring, the whole concept falls apart, and its just a (hopefully) pretty curly ribbon going around a metal pyramid.

What worries me more than this actual problem though, is showing up tomorrow. I have the tallest and largest sculpture there, and everything I do will be noticeable. I figured the falling balls in the center was way too cliche to be alone, but thats all that is up or will be. Then on top of that, I am going to have to tackle the spring problem publicly. I do not like experimenting in public. I wish I had a good construction method already worked out.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Good, Bad, and inbetween

The good, the ultra ultra good for today is that I got my midterm exam back for Intro to Japan, and it was 100%. :D

The bad for today is I had to wait till almost 20 minutes before I would be due in for work, to find out the schedule for the week- and I only have 5 hours. I finalized my decision to begin searching next Thursday after all exams are finished.

The inbetween is I have a new and very difficult project in art- a sculpture depicting the word "anticipation" made with paper related items and foam board. It must be at least 6X6X6 inches, and fit through the door. Oh, and no recognizeable symbols.

I have a neat idea for it- something like a stair case around a pyramid with balls knocked out of their place and about to fall with a coiled spring wrapped around it, about to break the staircase and knocking the balls out of place. But I am not sure at all about the outcome- and thus I am reluctant to work on it in class. I think its totally dorky on one level, and utterly cool on the other.

I want to do the thing in private, and then if its okay, bring it out publicly. My current plan is to make the balls and pyramid in class, to where people cant tell what it is, and then do the spring stuff after class, when no one is watching, and decide for myself how it works out. But I dont think it will take up 4 hours worth of time. Maybe making the shelfing as well... but that starts to get to the cheesy part of it.

Eh, I will get through this. On the other hand, there seems to be a shortage of anime... I am worried that several of my series will never be finished.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Just Another Day

I missed the bus this morning, but wasn't counted late. We had to turn in portfolio's today, and to my surprise, I finished it without having to stay late. I also didn't have to worry about not having the matboard. I was able to get some from another classmate- blue hair alergy girl ( I dont know her real name).

Traphagan was absent again, but will be back tomorrow for Intro to Japan. We had a guest lecturor today for government and politics. I liked her style of lecture/discussion. If I have a chance, I wouldn't mind taking another class from her. But I don't know if I will ever really need to take a course specifically in Japanese Government. I havn't even taken a course in American Government yet.

The bus was amazingly late picking me up. Like 30 minute wait late. But that was okay. Marcus was on the bus, and we talked while we went home. I drove him to his house afterwards and picked up my leftovers which I had for lunch. They were good. mmm.... mardi gras pasta...

But then I had a less good idea. I wanted something sweet, so I tried for the only thing left sweet in the apartment- sweetened condensed milk. I am so not used to sugar anymore. After like ten minutes my heart was racing and I had a huge headache. I had to lay down and take a nap it was so bad.

I woke up around 8, watched some anime, and then my parents called. We talked, mainly about Sonic and the current issues I have with the folks there. There was also mention of Jojo coming to visit, as well as Mom's idea for her and Mema to sign up for Curve. Curve is apparently a womens arobics/exercise group that is rather inexpensive, and makes up a personal menu for each member to follow.

The idea is to get Mema out of the trailer and into real life so she has some friends and doesn't get so mad at Papa for hanging out with his. It also will make her healthier. I like that a lot. Especially since Mom will be doing it with her- so that means mom will get exercise as well, which, although she wont admit it, she needs just as much as mema. She had the surgery to loose weight, but she hasn't been eating right, so she doesnt loose. She just gets sick.

In other news, Grandma liked her card, a lot. She was surprised it was so big and came with pictures. She has shown them to all her "girls," and was bragging to mom at Sams today. Apparently they ran in to each other at the jewelry counter. I am glad she liked it so much, it makes it worth the extra trouble I went through to get it to her, as well as the wait.

Sunday, August 08, 2004

A New Development

So, I only thought nothing more for the day was going to happen. I was wrong.

Jojo/Joseph got online today and asked if he could stay over next week. Turns out there is a soccer conditioning camp then, and the dorms arent open yet. I said yes of course. He is a nice enough guy for a friend, and I trust him.

He was still surprised I agreed to it. I dont think he expected it to be so easy. But I have an extra bed for a reason, and I always tell people if they need something, I am here. Thus I feel I have to live up to my promises. Though I feel in no way obligated to let him stay. It just is.

I told him he would have to bring his own pillow and pay for some of his food. No problems with that. I am going to ask for a second key so he can get in and out easy- we will not be keeping the same hours since he has practice and stays up till all hours of the night. It was kind of funny when he asked about house rules, and if I was comfortable. I wouldn't have agreed if I wernt comfortable with it. Guys are just girls with different dangly parts after all.

Just in case I asked him if he was going to steal from me. He said I could chase him down if he did. I also made a condition that if any bug should arise, he would kill it, and he also has to attempt to make the tv work through the vcr. All conditions being met, I am going to have a visitor next week. Now I just have to remember to put my panties in the bucket or drawer, depending on what stage of the laundry cycle the yare in. NO pit stops on the floor, couch, or other places.

Wait Just a Moment...

and a moment more. Just a little longer. Not too much, just be patient. This was my day.

I waited to wake up, I waited for anime to load, I waited for more anime, I waited for someone to call, I waited for laundry, I waited.

And while I waited, I gambled. I played on worldwinner again. Didn't win anything tho, but didn't loose that much either. Just playing with yesterday's winnings. I played CivIII for a while. All while waiting for something to pop up that I could download, or something to do that wouldn't cost too much money.

Finally I called Sarah and we talked. She got rid of her cyber stalker today, and was rather happy about it.

I then talked to my parents. They went out on the boat today. Apparently there is a freak cold spell up there, and its mid seventies right now, so Winston got to go. They went to lake Ray Roberts. Dad was fishing the hydrilla as usual, when Winston decided to try walking on the hydrilla. He walked right off the boat, and into seven foot deep water. Mom and Dad had to fish him out and pull him back on the boat. I imagine he was rather shocked. Next time they tried to get him out, they had to push him out of the boat. He didn't trust his judgement of what was land, and what wasn't.

Other experiences for the day included getting snorted at by a large doe on Wolf Island, and seeing a huge wild boar cross the road near the dam around 6am. He also got bit by a horse fly, and was bleeding pretty bad. Mom and Dad didn't even think it could be a snake bite until later- but thankfully it wasn't. There is just no way to keep him from leaving the shoreline when you let him out of the boat.

Mom got sunburned, dad caught one fish, and lost another. They went in rather early so they could be ready for work in the morning. I miss going with them. I want my own puppy to strap a life vest on and set at the nose of my kayak for the day. But it wouldnt be fair to it. I would love it enough, but I dont have the time to take care of one properly. Plus food and medical expenses, and not much room to run around. But I can't wait till I get to a place in my life where I can have a dog. At that time I will take it everywhere with me, and do all sorts of things.

Lucky Day

So, I had a good morning. I slept. Then slept some more.

Finally I got my lazy self up and did the dishes and a load of laundry, while heating up some stew. It amazes me how one potato, three carrots and an onion with half a pound of roast can feed someone for 4 days if boiled in water and spices.

After a while, I decided I needed to get out, but didn't know what to do. I looked up a roller skating ring, but it didn't really strike my fancy. I figured I would just go get my perscription filled and think about it while I browsed. Afterall, it was the last day the coupon I got in the mail was valid. $20 free purchase with new perscription.

So off I went, with the coupon, and was rather tired. I went to the counter, the coupon could be used. I began to look around for my $20 worth of stuff. I considered games, a few movies especially My Big Fat Greek Wedding and When Harry Met Sally. But then I spied something very interesting. 20 DVD Rs for 14.99. Damn good price.

I caved, and brought those up to the counter. They rang up for $30, and I bawked. Told the manager what the sign said, and indeed the sign was there. But the sign was wrong. They were $30. But I got them for 14.99. And my total for the day, a perscription, 20 DVDs and two other micellaneous items, were $15.45- with a $15 mandatory copay for the drugs. It was cool. They changed the sign after I left, so I was the only one who got that steal.

I was called in to work after that. I was scheduled for five hours, and overall, I worked 15 this week. It would be much easier if they would just schedule me so I could make plans. It was annoying as hell today. Anthony guy and Timmothy- heretofor referred to as Smeagle (Bryans name for him) were both there, along with an unknown girl who refused to take either the courtesy tray or the express tray, leaving me with all the non-tipping people. I dislike her strongly. Its annoying to realize she knows its there, and she wont scan. I got like zero tips.

On top of that, I forgot which box I was using, and put everything in box nine. I was assigned box two, because between last night and this night, the key to nine dissappeared. Which ment Bryan couldn't count me down because we couldn't get the money out. I might have to pay for the box, which will have to be broken in to. IF someone doesn't bring the key back. But in any case, I can just about count on that what few tips I did make are gone. Plus add another thing Jeff Manager (idiot from Hell night) will repeatedly remind me about next time I work with him.

I have a strong desire to quit and never look back. I don't fit in with the rest of the crew. I don't know everything they want me to do, and I can't ask them because they get angry or ignore me when I do. I get forced to do the crappy jobs all the time. I am getting much fewer hours than I was told about. There are more problems there than anywhere else I have worked internally. For now, it will work, but I am seriously going to be looking again in the fall for something better. It may not have as much potential for earnings, but it will be steady and the hours will be solid. Plus I will get air conditioning and less bullshit for my efforts.

On a side note, I did manage to get off a little early, and I went over to Marcus'. He showed me his models, and then we went to Pappadeux. Grandma called as we were leaving, she got my card. Then we went back to his place again and played with the rats till midnight, and I came back here.

On a random whim, I opened up my old worldwinner account, and played a few games of solitare rush. I figured I couldn't beat the daily game, but tried anyway, and won second place on my first try, as well as $44 dollars. It was a nice surprise. I was only 6 pts away from first prize, which was 58. I don't begrudge them the extra 15 or so dollars. I am happy with what I got. It almost paid for dinner- as opposed to my non existant tips.

Saturday, August 07, 2004


This must be a habit. I am way too tired to be doing this conciously.

Today I etched and etched and finished my print plate, and the prints. I used my remaining time to fool around with watercolors.

We finished Tampopo/Dandilion in class. Turns out the family emergency was the Prof's mother died. Hope its as okay as it can be for him. We got out early.

I made an awsome- if thin- stew for dinner. I also snacked on olives. Down another five lbs, finally. It was nice to see the scale move.

I started watching Mononoke Hime, but had to go to work before it was finished. I will do that tomorrow.

Work sucked. It was slow, and I got all the janitorial duties, including trash bins and all the lot sweeps. I only made 15$ in tips, and I had a huge hedache by the end of it.

Tomorrow I want to finish the movie, clean the apt, and then maybe go ice skating or roller skating and then out to eat at Ichiban. So much for those 5 lbs right? Eh, I am addicted. I want the rice and the mochi ice.

I asked Marcus to come with, but no response. He may not be online to receive the message, but possibly tomorrow morning he will. I got time. No more work for the rest of the weekend. I think I will wate on buying skates for myself. They are expensive, and I have discovered I really dont like Sonic.

There is nothing bad about it. Its just I dont fit in with the group, and I dont enjoy myself. I mearly get through the day. I am constantly checking the clock and waiting for a chance to leave- and at the same time forcing myself to stay and request more hours because I want the money. Its a bad thing. I need something I can enjoy.

Sleep now. Maybe more coherent later.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Early Once More

But I am too tired and will forget if I don't do it now.

I for some unknown reason stayed up unreasonably late last night. It killed me for today.

I went to class, but couldn't concentrait. I spent four hours on the same project, and barely got a fourth of it done. It has to be completed tomorrow. The engraving for the print making assignment. OH, and I just remembered that I forgot the cocktail napkin for a model. Oh well. I will be doing good if I get the bottle and shot glass completed.

I thought the people might be coming today to stretch the carpet. It would have been good. I think. Well, I am not ready, but I dont think I can get ready by tomorrow- which is prolly when they will do it. Which means I will be at work. I dislike leaving my things for other people to see while I am gone.

I finally got Grandma's card mailed. I was hungry so I ate first. As a result I was 2, that is TWO, minutes late to the post office. They were closed, and the woman was still in the back. I finally got her to talk to me, but she wouldn't even open the grate. I heard rumor of another post office, the main branch, that stayed open until six. Thus I went on a search.

The search took me into heavy traffic on Anderson lane, at which point my gas light went on. I was nervous. I was running out of time- 40 minutes to find an unknown place, in scary Austin traffic, and going to an unknown destination. I got lucky.

I forgot the ladies instructions about half a mile after I started. I asked the person next to me to roll down their window while we were waiting in traffic, and they told me a clearer easier way. I followed their instructions as best I could, but after the light popped on, I decided to take the time to stop for gas. It was 5:30.

I could not get the gas tank open. I was about an inch from asking someone when it finally popped. When I went to pay, I asked the man at the counter, hoping for a refresher and confirmation. I found out that I had passed the post office. He then gave me new directions, which I followed to the T- going 25 miles per hour on 290 so I didn't miss the turn. I made my destination with 15 minutes to spare.

Now I am home, and it is hot. I am going to take a shower, put on some laundry and try to convince myself that I would rather work on the engraving than go to sleep. Maybe at some point for a break I will clean up the mess in the living room, and begin moving the furniture for the carpet people.

"It Starts..."

Yes, I have had a relatively boy-free existance for a while, and it was nice.

But now, it is no more. They have invaded with a fury unknown for centuries to ruin my peace. Particularly one, who I believe is named Anthony. He works at Sonic, basically on the board and doing the fountain. He rates so high on my notice list that I am not even sure of his name after a month.

I believe, and most likely correctly, that he likes me. My evidence is thus: he talks to me a WHOLE LOT- politely. This is opposed to his normal cursing paranoid and defensive behavior. He compairs our behavior and tries to make parallels. Ie, "you talk to yourself too, huh?/ You choose to do this- I used to be like that. Then I was here for a while/ got smart/ realized.." He makes lots of jokes- most of them very suggestive. And tonight, these grew into horseplay of which he made a game out of slapping my but with a wet towel combined with suggestive remarks.

I do not appreciate this. It is rather annoying. However, I like to think I am a generally nice person, and therefore wouldn't start being mean to him on purpose, or just flat out doing something wrong to him. However that leaves only a direct approach- which is much less appealing. Especially since I am not sure he is stable. I wouldn't generally choose to hang out with a guy like this voluntarily. I really don't want to cause trouble at work either so management should be left out if at all possible.

This is a classic problem, but the answer is still no easier for it.

On a side "that's Heather" note- I wasn't even supposed to work today. I swear I heard them say Wednesday, even saw it myself I thought. But I wasn't scheduled until Friday, 6 - close. I was there for almost half an hour before they noticed. I didn't have to go home though- someone else wanted to be off because of a toothache, so I got to stay till around 11.

I called Grandma and Grandpa after I got home, told Grandpa about school and work. He told me he was getting a hearing aide, which is good. He needed one desperately. Apparently higher tones, like my voice, are not his thing.

I called Dad after him. Showed him my pictures- after a very long how to work the computer session. I also had to crack mom's password for the messenger. She was completely out.

As for other news... yeah. My print making assignment. Its evil. I have to deeply crosshatch all the black areas of the label, and leave the white lettering. Letters less than two milimeters tall- and I have to crosshatch around them so deeply and accurately that they stand out straight and clear.

I feel like Cody from One Peice. "Mudi dayo. Mudi mudi mudi mudi." (impossible)

Well, its late, and I have to be up and out tomorrow morning- aka 4 hours. I have done enough damage for one day so goodnight.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Ho Hum

Just an ordinary day.

I got up, I ran for the bus, I argued with Marcus, I got to class on time- barely.

Procedure for class: check assignment board, get coffee, pull out portfolio and current project (portrait of tree in ink). Start to head out, stop, turn around and go back up stairs, sign in, continue outside to work on assignment. 9:30 come in all hot, sweaty and covered in bug bites, and begin working on bag with objects until finished or stopped.

I am doing okay time wise. I finished the grocery cart after class today, and about 80% of my portrait picture is filled in. The bad part of that is the remaining 20% I am unsure what to do with, and I only have an hour and a half to finish it tomorrow.

The good news? We start a new project tomorrow- intaglio print making. We will be making matricies out of plexy glass- 5X7 inches. It sounds interesting- if not a little dangerous. Heather with sharp objects, hmm.. nah, it'l be fine. Really.

Exam in Intro to Japan tomorrow. I havn't done the reading, but there is no essay. That means its term heavy which is rote memorization. Which means I should have put in more time. But shoulds wont get me anywhere now.

I chose to watch anime, bake a cheesecake, and talk to Sarah and Carrie instead. It had been a while.

I did not take the pictures for grandma's card, nor did I send it. I will put the camera out before I go to bed tonight to make sure I don't forget to get that out tomorrow before I go to work.

Laundry has piled up something fierce. I can barely walk in my closet right now- and thats a big closet folks. I did a load today, unfortunately that was cause I was going to need the uniform, thus there isn't much more in it. I have no pants or undergarments for tomorrow as of right now. Well, none that I would care to wear for any length of time. Dishes are done however, so its not all messy.

I have half a mind to go to bed now, and forget about reading. Then go outside tomorrow and hide so I can study during class. Stay out there all day, and then go take my exam, and then go to work. I can always stay late Thursday and finish up the tree and the bag. I only have shadows left to do on the bag now. Its fairly easy... I think.

The main thing is starting the new project. He will expect me to put out some time for that. But surely I can make up for it later... we shall see. I am going to bet on that becaus I am so tired right now.

I am a last minute girl after all- habits are hard to change.

Much Calmer

thats how today was. Much calmer.

It was a rough morning, and I was almost late, but I am not sure how.

Recently been on a restraunt binge. I can't seem to settle down enough to cook. I am either too tired, or can't figure out what I would like to make. As a result, I havn't been eating well. For example- last Saturday was a peach smoothy, cinammon pretzel, and a few bites of fajita meat. Sunday was two low carb candy bars, several glasses of water and one with accidental lemmonaide in it, and half a dinner plate from Chilies for mushroom fajitas. Today I had a few more candy bars, the remaining meat from Saturday, and about two ounces of smoked salmon with creamed cheese.

Not complete meals approved for energy renewal. Yet I can't seem to eat any more, or any better. Maybe tomorrow I should try pancakes when I get home. Pancakes and grilled chicken... or as suggested by Jinny, go to the store and make another fruit salad. That is really the last thing I made and ate with enthusiasm.

Besides weird eating habits fanned by the heat, today was relatively normal. I went to school, finished my white chalk on black paper assignment, and finished the kaluah bottle on my bag and objects assignment. I have the buggy and the shadows of the buggy left. I learned we are doing sculpture for our final assignment, and I am less than excited about it. I would rather paint instead.

I styaed half way through lunch, as usual, not eating, then went to Japanese class. We watched a film, discussed Wednesdays exams and then ajourned. I talked with Cox for a while afterwards as he has been absent the past three days and needed my notes. The wisdom teeth he had removed last semester are sending their ghosts back to haunt him- or something like that. Either way- dental surgery again. We had some interesting conversation in the union copy center and then went our separate ways.

I got home, I watched anime and fussed about what I should do, while eating something that could theoretically be called lunch, but in reality wouldn't be fit for even a snack. I did the dishes, made a list and then ignored the list. Went and paid rent, one day late. Apparently they are open on Sundays. I put in more work orders for the carpet cleaned and a new filter. They told me the ac would not get any better- its because of the heat and humidity here, not a faulty unit.

The phone was down at Sonic, I had to drive up there to find out I only work on Wednesday this week. I don't know if its punishment or not. Either way, I dont care. It gives me time to study for my exam Wednesday afternoon, and then recover. I am tempted however to go out and buy myself some rollerblades so I can learn to street skate again. It would definately be nice to get more hours- especially when it cools off a bit and I have entire days free to work any shift necessary. I think skates = more hours. But its a heavy investment up front. Also lots of fun... but really, who wants to practice in 100+ heat?

I think tomorrow I will make the cheesecake I thought about today, as well as those pancakes. I can have a cheesecake and pancake festival while I read the book for the exam.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Of Heaven and Hell

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times... a full range of emotions for this day.

Got up rather early and had time to watch a good five episodes of Melody of Oblivion before I realized I had yet to eat (minus a (low carb) candy bar), and had to be at work. I grabbed a sip of water and was off- walking. I know I have the car, but since I was supposed to get out during daylight, I figured better save on gas.

I get there, everything is normal. About 30 minutes in to it though, shit starts to hit the fan. The machine that prints the tickets which tell us what tray to take, where to take it, and how much to collect, stopped printing. Completely.

We ran around with out heads cut off for maybe thirty minutes while they fooled around with trying to fix it instead of making the orders that were coming in. People got mad, and tickets got lossed. There was food without prices or locations, there were people yelling, and no answers. Lots of cursing.

Finally, we resulted to the shout/ask method " what am I scanning now(damnit)?!!" and then looking for the station number on the receipts. Of course, the receipts kept dissappearing. I blame Linore. She had this wacked out system where she would pull of the tickets to find the one she needed, and leave the rest in a pile. She also put stickers everywhere so they stuck to you at odd places and put trays together making it easy to spill. All the while she was complaining and cursing about how she was going to be compensated and was not going to be responsible for lost money due to people driving off without food because of the wait.

I even got yelled at for having a bad attitude. But I stand by my actions. I was serving a woman at 15 who said she wanted a drink box. When I went back to ask for one, I was told we were out. I told her, and she said she wanted two bags and a dinner box as a substitute. When I went in and made my request (having no idea where the boxes were myself) I got told BY THE MANAGER to "tell that lady she is a pain in the ass and we dont have any." His attitude completely hit me wrong at that moment. I understand he is under pressure, but he will NOT take it out on me. I wasn't ugly, but I did say ( somewhat clippy) " I would rather not use those words, and hand her what she requested instead. Can I get a box?" He told me that if they weren't so busy I would be out of there. I was half ready to dare him.

Later I dropped a water trying to hurry, and I probably pissed him off several other times. Oh yeah, once when I refused to take the board. I dont know how to work it, I was told I didn't need to be able to work it. I am willing to learn the board, but not when everyone is pissed and in a hurry and behind. It would be the same as having two people work it because I dont know where or what the buttons are in some cases, and I can barely hear the people anyway. I also have never been showed how to make a drink, and seeing as having people send things back is, in my oppinion, worse than making them wait three more minutes, I was not about to attempt an experiment.

Another pissing off thing was probably when he started telling me to scan two and three things at a time so the time wouldn't be late. I have no idea what the deal is about being late, but when I dont get a ticket showing me exactly what I am doing, and going strictly off their word, I am not going to put my money on the line. I am responsible for whatever I scan, and I am not going to dig myself into a hole just to save his ass on time stamps. I did it a few times at first. But then I would go to collect the second order, and there would be no record of it, no food out at all. He made me scan three things at one time, and that was such a mess I refused every time afterwards to take more than one scan- which I believe is what we are supposed to do.

I have half a mind to complain, but I dont know to whom I would complain. It was such a mess. At some point the credit card/check machine died as well, thereby complicating matters more. By the time my shift was almost over, the manager, block-head that he is, finally realized he should shut down the store. I spend the last ten minutes telling people in English, Spanish and Japanese that we were closed temporarily because of the computer system.

Luckily, even though the orders were so badly messed up, I came out almost even. But it wasn't worth the day at all. I got yelled at, and lost most of my tips because of the crappy system. But I didn't have to pay, which is more than some of the other girls can say.

Thats the hell part of the day.

The heaven part started when I told him I was leaving and to count me down. I got out of there, came home and talked to Sarah on the phone. Then took a shower and got ready to go out. I drove over to Marcus' house and we watched a movie with his roommate- Hellboy. It was okay. He likes it a lot more than I do, but I will deal with his bad choice of entertainment. I did bring my new toy over there, and we fooled around with Mario Brothers, Paper Boy, Tetris and Burger Maker for a while.

Then Marcus and I left for dinner and after a while decided on Chillies. I got fajitas, he got a pita, and we wondered why all fancy restraunts had only pretty waitstaff. Its a conspiracy. A bit more talking and mindless fun, and then grandma called. Which was okay, Marcus was willing to talk with her a bit and they both behaived themselves. Even if he did tell her I didn't know where the lights were on the truck.

We finished the meal, I took him home and now I sit here writing. That would be my day. So what was heaven about the second part? Being around other people and getting to hang and do fun things like analyze 80's video games and anime and make fun of the hairy roommate Michael. It was truely relaxing.

On a side note, my left eye is really red and swollen. I dont know why. There will be updates later.