Monday, June 27, 2005

Not Much to Say

But I am here anyway. I have around 30 minutes left till I go to sleep, and then its work tomorrow morning. I should have been more productive this weekend, but I was not. I worked 40 hours last week, and I took the heck off for Sunday and Monday. Unfortunately I did not get a call back from Blockbuster, which is what I was expecting today. Its a bit disturbing, but there is nothing I can do to help that.

I stayed inside all weekend, did the bare minimum of chores, and cooked spaghetti and creme brule. The brule is cooling now, and I will broil the sugar crust before I go to bed tonight. I did have a reason for doing nothing this weekend- last week during grocery shopping I hurt my back. Badly. I tried to carry too much up the stairs at once in my travel bag and strained/tore a muscle is the best I can figure. Meanwhile it hurts so bad that after a hot pad and three tylenol later, I still cant raise up my legs to rest on the desk, or walk without cringing and hunching over. Thus this weekend = rest. Its a little better today, but who knows what tomorrow will bring. I was supposed to talk to the campus health center about it, but I woke up late and forgot all about it. Kinda. Mom called and I still 'forgot.' Or thought about it with no action, briefly.

Instead I watched all of full metal panic fufumoffu again, including two eps I missed last time. I also watched the first 27 episodes of Full Moon wo Sagashite, and discovered that my second disk was broken :(. I... played games and earned an aditional 12 thousand points for Petekerol-kun on NeoPets, and... I spent lots and lots of time sleeping in the bathtub and wishing I had the energy and flexability to actually shave my legs. Ah.. its the little things you miss when you get slapped upside the head by your body for doing stupid things.

Anyway.. thats about it for this weekend. This week it will be waiting to get the Houston pics from Scott, and hear from Blockbuster, while practicing Spanish once again with my trusty Repaso book which mom mailed to me and answering telephones for Yellow Cab. I do find it amusing to discover homework that I never did from four years ago. I also like that I did not write in my books back then, so I have plenty of empty pages to go back over the exercises with. The more I read though, the more I realize I am just having trouble hearing what they say more than understanding it. Well, that and the unfamiliar streetnames. I am slightly concerned though that if I continue to review my Spanish, it might get mixed back up with the Japanese which I feel like I am already begining to forget. :( And the Japanese is very important- I have to be able to talk while I am over there.

Oh yes, I am still going. Although I am getting more and more worried about there being enough funding. But I am still going.

**30 minute update: this weekend now has one event. Its been a while, but I set another fire in the kitchen. I tried to clean the cat box while the sugar crust was being melted... and it caught fire. But it was small compaired to previous fires as I was able to react fast enough to even avoid the fire alarm from going off. Still... my beautiful creme brule had a giant paper thin black bubble on the top which I peeled off to the best of my ability. It doesnt seem to have damaged the custard though, so maybe tomorrow I could try again for the crust. Meanwile, I will wait till the smoke clears out and then go to bed.


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