Sunday, July 03, 2005

And Exhausted

Today was great.

I got to bed around 1am, woke up around 7:30 just in time to begin getting dressed and have mom and dad call and say they were almost here. I was dressed and ready to go when they got here, showed them Outpost9, and we headed out the door to San Marcos.

A few weeks ago the San Marcos river showed up in one of his fishing shows on OLN, so he was rearing to see it. We drove down, after dropping off the truck for an oil change, and began checking out the area. One area was so beautiful we just stopped to go look- the swimming hole next to the road with a restraunt overlooking it and a dam with a spillway... if there is only one. We parked and started walking on a trail to check out the water, but it wasnt very far until we found a giant piece of machinery. It was, daddy guessed, part of an engine used to pump flooding water out of the river. It was huge. He pointed out the break and the lock and the intake, and then we found where it was probably set. We took pictures and I will add them eventually. Its just rusted junk, but neat, beautiful and overgrown junk.

We walked over a bridge with lots of grapes and leafy vines where a man with a guitar/harmonica set up was doing a street performance. On the other side of the road lay the most clear and beautiful water in Texas, or close to it. They had bbq fires going, and two men were paddling kayaks in the dam's rapids. We watched them for maybe half an hour then moved on to find a better spot for fishing.

We ended up going to the aquarina something.... it was a park whose mascot was a swimming pig. Just to the visitors center though, to find out information on the river. Dad said they took me there once when I was three and we did everything- rode the gondolas, the glass bottom boat, saw the movies and all the live shows. I don't remember, but I bet I was a blast to watch. The gondolas don't work anymore, there was hardly anyone there, and I saw no pig, but it was still neat. I enjoyed looking at their archeology displays, and we even went on the wetlands board walk. It was fun, walking and fish/turttle spotting.

From there we made our way to what we thought was the San Marcos river, by heading back north. Instead it was the Blanco river. But that was okay. We got off and parked under the bridge anyway and went fishing. Dad and I took turns changing behind the car into our swimsuits, and then we picked up the fly rods he brought down and headed to the water. I wore mom's fishing shirt and her water shoes because my flip flops were too slippery and the cotton shirt too hot.

At first it was difficult to cast because it had been so long, but after dad caught his first perch (:\) I got a bit better. By the end of the three or so hours I was back in awsome cast mode, and had even learned, sort of, how to roll cast. Its around 50% right now and needs a helping tug to make it over. Dad caught two more perch and left me in the dust. But I still had fun. It was gorgeous clear water, and I could watch the fish chase the luar. We talked and played, and I got my foot stuck in mud again and lost my shoe again. Only I had to fish it out myself this time, with mom for support. We walked along the bank as far as we could without getting our backsides wet, and then we reached the deep end and Dad broke his leader. Mom had gone back a bit earlier because we heard music coming from the direction of the car. I guess without being able to fish, and without being able to see mom dad wanted to get back quickly so we left.

Then we rode back south after realizing we missed the San Marcos river. But when we did find it, the river was smaller and muddier than anticipated, plus we were running low on time. We just drove around looking at or for the water, and then headed back in to pick up my truck. I changed at home, then we paid for the oil change, and went out to Whole Foods at Lamar and 5th. It truely is a nice store. We walked around and I will say that if it was closer, I might be having some serious concerns.

Finally we left and went to Pluckers- after long debate/pushing responsibility to choose to someone else. We were all tired though so it wasnt much of a conversation-- mostly just laughing at the tv airing america's funniest videos. But it was still nice to watch tv with them.

I just got back in to the apartment after they dropped me off at my car and headed home. I am about to pass out. Except I am a bit sunburnt on my lower right arm and the back top half of my lower legs. Basically the parts that never get any sun and where the shirt and water didnt cover. Its a strange tan line but I will live. Maybe. My face is pretty red too.

But I must repeat.. it was a great day.


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