Monday, July 18, 2005

But Maintaining Altitude

So.. one minor stress gone- I talked to Tomas and am free for my trip to Japan. Put on the breaks. The job I really want to keep is saved. Then I am getting more hours than I thought at first from Blockbuster- my funds are coming in more steady. Hold positions. Now I am just bouncing in the air, waiting to see how things pan out.

It still wont be enough for me to do the trip with a clear concience, but I have found out that financial aid will be released on the 30th. The day I get back, right before rent. Good news. If grandma does give me a thousand dollars towards the trip, then I will be good, I think. I might even be $400 in the plus by that time, after buying the ticket. Chances are slim though. However I have become determined to do this trip, even if it is on credit. I am wondering whether I should sign up for a second credit card just for the occasion, then close the account afterwards. I am reluctant to do so.

I still have not received my passport... I want to figure out what I can do to find out its status. I need to call into work, and see what time I am supposed to go in. I didn't check it last night because I was so ready to leave after I stayed almost an extra two hours to help them close. I need to call Scott since he is not responding to my emails. I need to get his canvases made. If I can do that, then I will be in a good position to start painting, and maybe even get the money before I leave for Japan.

I think once I have checked the status of everything and get my passport, I will feel even better. But I am not going to allow myself to float away on happiness again. Its too fragile, this plan I have. I am depending on having both jobs in order to pay back my credit card expenses. August and September are going to be painful months for expenses. I will have to do some very strict budgeting so that I can continue to make rent when what is left of my financial aid runs out. Remember- I am using that to pay off the credit card. Thats three months of rent I have to earn again... after September, I will litterally be living off what I earn each month. And on top of that, I told my parents I would pay them back before the end of the year- I want to at least be able to give them a thousand back.


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