Thursday, July 21, 2005


Well, almost. I got the status check which said it was mailed yesterday- which means I should get it tomorrow or Friday. Its the same thing- its on its way. The birth certificate was not a problem.

Other than that... I got through today alive- it was suprisingly slow at BB today... partially because all I did was check out people. Joey I met today- and he is nice. He is lazy in terms of what he is willing to do... but I may be misinterpreting layed back. He is mainly a writer, and is soon moving to Boston, or so he says. Either way, any man who gets me out of the store at 12:15 is good in my book.

I called Marcus since I had a message on my phone from him. He told me about how he painted his new models and how great they look, talked up playing with him this fall on his computer game, and basically asked about how I was. It was a how are you call. The last one of those I got... was either Billy or David... most likely Billy. Thats how long ago. Well, last one from a guy. Girls.. we check up on each other all the time.

I don't know what bothers me more though- all these small things that I am mentioning, or the fact that I am mentioning noticing? Usually I am clueless. But this time I am wondering exactly what is going on with him. So does this mean I have grown and started being able to pick up on things, or am I being paranoid, or worse, am I really wanting to see things? and yeah, that is a worse. What do I do if I start to like a friend who for all purposes is off limits as the ex of a good friend? And she still thinks they can get back together some day, although it has been made clear to me that it is impossible.

But its just phone calls for now so I can pretend I am clueless. He is all the way far far away in Houston and I wont see him for at least another three weeks. I am supposed to help him move into his apartment with my truck. He could just be trying to butter me up for that... geh. I need to stop this.


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