Friday, July 29, 2005


So I have called more Japanese people and it is a little harder than before- especially when they wander from the expected questions. But we survived. Found no better places, but gained an understanding- or better one- of where I stand in the language situation. We have changed our plan to accomodate this and our new goal is to find a good English speaker in Tokyo and ask for their help in finding out if there have been any cancelations that we may capitalize on.

In other notes, the apartment people want to check the status of my income. This would be the third rant today if I had enough energy to rant. Basically they gave me too short of notice, I tried to comply, but turned mean when they werent accomodating. I probably will be given punishment for my behavior later.

Also today I received Scotts check and the pannels. They are huge, but they are what I wanted. I am happy with them. I cleaned out a space for them, kinda, and am almost ready to paint. I got an email from Scott making sure I got the check and telling me he has taken pictures for me. Yay. I am excited and want to get started as soon as possible.

A third curiosity.. I think I may have been on a date with Marcus. Mother told me he was safely far away in Houston and I didn't have to worry about him. Well. He is now in Austin, he gets his car tomorrow, and I think I had a date with him today- albeit a short one.
I requested his services for hard labor on the pannels. We then went to Seven-Eleven and he bought my dinner along with his (it was good, and it was my idea). We then drove by the apartments he is moving to, and wants me to move in to with him. I looked and they are nice. I will call them probably on Monday to try to see the interiors and discuss specifics. They are within walking distance of the University as well, so that is a huge plus. Then we drove to the baseball stadium, parked, and walked around the grounds while talking and eating. He insisted on carrying my fruit cup for me. I think he also wanted to close my door for me, but I told him his door was already open so he went to his side. I almost wish I hadn't so I could know for sure.

Among some of the more strange things said this evening were " you don't know how much I have been looking forward to seeing you." "I missed you." and "you are beautiful." He also told me that someone in another car looked like me- when I mistook him for meaning the middle aged Mexican next to me he said something akin to "no no no, Mexican men don't turn me on." I didn't respond to this... but does that mean I do? those words were in my head, locked tight behind my lips.

For better or worse, I am finding myself more and more like a stereotypical manga character- denying the feelings even though everyone else knows they are there. Except well, no one knows because they don't hang out with us like that.

He may take me to a movie Saturday evening- even though I should be painting.


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