Monday, July 11, 2005

Progress with a Raised Eyebrow

Alisa has been very reservation oriented this past weekend, and as a result, we are waiting on confirmation for just two more ryokan before our beds are set for the trip. It has now become my duty to explore thoroughly the options availiable at the fair and begin setting up reservations to see those. I am not opposed to being this well prepared. But I am slightly sad that some of the spontinaety of the trip is gone... I think it is a necessary and somewhat acceptable trade off when going for this short of time. If it were a longer trip, say six weeks, I would definately be taking things more relaxed. But as it is, we are only seeing around a third of the country- thoroughly, but only a third.

In other news, I informed the bank I was leaving, and got them to extend my credit up to $3,400 (yikes!). I will bring it back down again when I come back and pay it off. I also collected information on how much it would be to get Scott's canvases professionally stretched. Seeing as I have never done it before, these are large jobs, and I dont want to be held responsible, this is the best way to go.. except its around $400. OUCH. But better safe than sorry, and even if it hurts me, I want him to have a good product. I emailed him this morning about the situation, and requested the money to cover the canvas costs up front. This is confirmation time because I am finishing these, somehow, before summer ends. I am depending on his money to be able to go to Japan.

I have crunched the numbers, and I am pretty much just breaking even this summer and able to buy a ticket, maybe, with everything. The actual expenses for the trip itself are all on credit. Another ouch. This means that when I get back, the trip is coming out of financial aid for the most part, and I am going to have to work at least 20 hours a week in order to be able to pay rent at the end of the semester without letting my parents know the dangerous way I funded this trip. Yeah... not good to lie. I told them Alisa paid for my ticket, and I gave her $400 towards it already. Acutally, I put it on my card, and then gave $400 towards the balance. But it would stop my father's heart to hear my credit balance right now. I am determined to take care of this on my own.

I didn't do much on Sunday, but Saturday felt so productive that it was overall a good weekend for me. Today was my first day of training, and I got to meet Josh and talk with Jen, assistand manager and manager respectively. I hung out mostly on the computer in back though, which was annoying. I have a few more computer exercises set for tomorrow, then hands on learning. Woohoo. I want more hours, they say to get more hours, I need to develop a good sales pitch for the rewards program. I hate sales, I think. Its just... they don't want to be hit up with it, I know it, so why should I push it? But I will become a door to door saleswoman if that is what is needed to make 30 hours a week for this next month.

The eyebrow raiser? That would be last night talking to the Marcus again. I do not know if I am looking for things or reading too much into what he says, but some awful sweet words are coming out of his mouth. He left me a message on my phone that refered to me as beautiful. He told me (IM) I didn't know how much he admired me. When I kinda questioned him about that though he changed it to respected and admired. He said he wished he could help me with the funding of the trip, which I shot down like a clay pidgeon. I told him the only thing I would ask from him was mental support when I was working 30 hours and doing school full time- he could be the slave driver over me for homework, and maybe a fishing buddy on rare weekends. He said as long as he didn't have to touch the fish it was okay. This is Marcus, Jewish Prince of America, ex-vegetarian and card holder of the City Boy Association. But he is willing to go fishing.

Then I am not sure how we got on it, maybe he said he wished he could go too, but I made a half joke that we could go on vacation together next summer, maybe somewhere cheeper in the US- Disneyland. He scoffed at Disneyland and said he would rather take me to Bush Gardens in Virginia because it wins best landscape every year, and the roller coasters are built around the trees. I chimed in that it would be cooler and I have never been up that way before. I also said I was scared of roller coasters, and he said I wouldn't have to worry because he would hold my hand. See where my confusion comes from? Awful nice, but with messenger there is no tone of voice to give that final confirmation of meaning... I dont know how serious he was, but it sounds fun.

Just in case, I put a reminder on my calendar about 4 months before we would be considering leaving so I can check back and find out if he really wants to or how feasable it is. I had intentions of working all next summer, but a one or two week vacation that is around $1500 should be no problem for us, and leaves plenty of extra money that can be saved and applied towards loans like originally planned. Afterall, how many trips do you get to take like this in a lifetime? Just friends with so few obligations... I may be taking him way too serious, but he tends to run on the serious side and I would hate to just blow him off as joking about this if he is not.


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