Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Today My Feet Hurt

They really do. But that is okay, because as you can see, I am just off of work, and I actually have the energy to do an entry and take a shower. I might be able to get used to this schedule- as long as I do some register and not just run movies all day long. Running movies kills me, my back and my feet. Register is just my feet. But even not that bad because we get to stand on a mat.

I spent most of my break today talking with Mom and complaining about Blockbuster, but after my nap this afternoon (which made me 10-20 mins late) it wasn't all that bad. I left today thinking that maybe, just maybe, I could do this.

None the less, it is still hard, and I have no memory on my computer left due to backup of anime I have not watched. This is really bad because One Piece came out tonight, and FMP the second raid comes out tomorrow. Not to mention Naruto and Bleach... But I work tomorrow as well. Thursday will be my catch up day I suppose. And I will call scott after 5pm since I have still not gotten a response.

Okay, shower time, and maybe some planning on how to get my uniform washed for tomorrow. Its been almost a week of wearing those shirts and those pants and they need some help. But there is no time to really wash them...


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