Friday, July 08, 2005

The Truth About Bob

Well this post is starting in agitation at a relatively new trend I am seeing in work, and will end with an update on the exciting adventures of the stupid people at YellowCab.

First for the agitation. Tomorrow is orientation for Blockbuster. Finally, I can start earning some serious money. Maybe. I have been increasingly scared of the work load... except now I don't see it as all that big seeing as I have been scheduled for only two half day shifts next week. Twelve hours for sure, and then orientation at maybe another six or eight... in any case, its not over 20 hours in one week.
Maybe. Another maybe. Because Sunday I am scheduled to be something named "on call." It sounds fine enough, but it is a dirty little way that they can have extra workers if needed, and dock you if you are not there... but not have to pay you if it is surprisingly slow. In other words, it is a way to ruin your weekend. I quit Sonic mostly because this was my constant state- call in to work an hour before you might be needed and see if they want you. Nothing dependable so you cant make plans. Your life begins to revolve around the company's schedule... all for their convenience and against yours.
I need the hours. I am greatly opposed to this idea, but I need the hours. I have a strong desire to tell them I am either scheduled or I am not, but to cut the crap and decide. But I need the hours if I can have them... and I shouldn't go rocking the boat. In fact.. I need more hours. An additional 20 hours a week, especially after the delay of training and orientation will not make the money I need. I think that once I start to do a good job though, they might be willing to hand me more. I will have to be sure to do a good job. I need at least 30 hours a week. If it is actually humanly possible, I might try to figure out a way to even get overtime at one place or the other.
Not to mention I am confused about the taxes taken from my check. In three weeks, the government has taken over $200 from my gross earnings. Suddenly the politics of the flat tax don't seem all that far removed. I think that if I had time I would begin a strong movement for it in Austin to the best of my abilities. It will definately be a goal before I finish school cause... man what am I going to do when they take .40 out of every dollar I earn and I have all those huge loans?

Okay... now for the information on the idiots at Yellow Cab. First, two days ago there was a robbery- $16,000 stolen from the safe in cash, plus receipts and checks. No one saw or heard anything, and the world has gotten just a little more cruel. $500 reward if you know anything... but I don't. Jeeze I wish I did.

The people up there suspect the former dispatcher who overdosed. No doors or windows were damaged, so they are assuming the theif had the key- which means inside disgruntled worker. You can't get more messed up than a recently fired drug addict. But she was over 400 lbs, and would shit herself in the chair, so the rumor goes. If she was that far gone, then her being able to have the mental capability to not leave fingerprints, move a safe twice her weight and not make a sound or leave hair samples, drool, shit etc.. are pretty low.

Story #2- if the first wasn't enough. Today Donell, now moved up to dispatcher got an idea. He would play a joke on Delonda, the other dispatcher, by faxing her a ride request through the company lines via his cell phone. This ride had in the notes on the bottom "bomb package from Al Quida under seat." She didn't pay much attention to it, being swamped with other calls that came first. But National Security did. You know... seeing as this is the capitol of the President's home state... and Al Quida just recently attacked the transportation lines of London.. like yesterday...well. We got lots of calls. Very quickly. From lots of famous, and completely unheard of people.

Before Delonda had even had a chance to pull it up on her screen, Tomas was getting a call from headquarters who had received a call from D.C who said there was a bomb threat and the police would be there shortly... but it was a joke. Because Tomas immediately called to see the fax, and Donell told him what happened. Yeah... like the higher ups are going to believe this- especially with a robbery so recent.. So we get to have polygraph tests next week. Everyone. :D Sounds fun.


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