Friday, August 12, 2005

So Much to Cover

Its been a while, time has flown. There was no movie with Marcus. I have mostly gotten over the worry- I think. It may be that I am too preoccupied with everything else to pay it any attention. In any case, the catagory of Boys has been once again safely removed to the backburner.

Today I picked up the yen from the bank and helped Marcus move. I also began a cool diary/log/scrapbook-ish thing which I will faithfully write in through out my trip to Japan- which begins in less than 26 hours. *gulp* It doesnt feel real. I think that is why I havn't packed yet.

Scott's paintings are not finished- not all my fault though. He still hasn't sent me the pictures of the buildings he wants. But I still want to finish a lot more on the painting before mom and dad get here tomorrow. But I have to pack. And buy a new memory card. And buy Cinnamon Toast Crunch. And plane snacks. And probably some other things I have forgotten. I still need to clean more. And I have 14 hours, of which I am sleeping through half of.

Hrms.. other big news. Grandma glassed in her patio- a new room. She also gave me one grand towards my trip which I could desperately use. Oh, I met Alisa's mother. That was fun- I woke up 10 minutes late and that is a very strict woman. I am NOT moving. Just in case you missed it- I was looking at new apts with an apartment finder lady. But since my rent just -verbally- went down to $555 from $660 at my insistance, it is no longer profitable for me to pay all new deposites, and movers at a really stressful time of the year. Yays for not giving up washer and dryer in unit. Oh, but I do want to try to go get it in writing tomorrow.. as well as there is some paperwork I need to fill out which I angrily threw into the floorboard and stomped all over. Dunno where it is even. Just its dirty wrinkly now and a new sheet would be better. OH I need new batteries too... writing this down now.

Otherwise, my head hurts the cats crazy and I need to sleep now. Oh and I quit Blockbuster. That surely isnt new though, right?